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Salon Rose

Welcome to a Natural Luxury Experience 



Owner, Level 4 Stylist

It was all a DREAM.

My love for hair and beauty developed as little girl with the help of my Grandmother, Rose.  I would beg to shampoo her hair and practice styles I saw stylists doing at the salon.

She sent me to the salon every 2 weeks -- press and curl, you know the drill.  Growing up, I had zero knowledge of my natural hair.  I didn’t know anything about curly hair, let alone that my hair could Curl!

Fast Forward to 2016, out of curiosity, I did The Big Chop.  My love for hair was reawakened and reimagined.  Now, I've been coined "Tha Curl Queen" completely obsessed with the wonders of natural hair, I’ve dedicated my career to sharing my obsession and knowledge with anyone who will listen. 


    OUR TEAM. 

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